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Filtration: Rotreat

Rotreat Filtration Technology

In providing a versatile, tailor-made treatment solution with retention rates of > 90% across an array of industries and applications, our team pushes the boundaries of what used to be considered possible in sustainable water management.

Reverse Osmosis

In its most general application, reverse osmosis occurs by pushing water through a semi-permeable membrane to remove contaminants. With Rotreat’s high-volume technology, this is taken a step further through completely self-contained, mobile-native units available for immediate impact in even the most trying environments. Rather than chemical-based solutions, reverse osmosis yields clear benefits to our mission of sustainability, with essentially no footprint or risk of chemical compromise.

Building on RCDT and Spiral filtration methods, two solutions nested within our comprehensive product allow for effective molecule-specific filtration. Better yet, with our patented “One-Click” filter replacement, our team has cut days-long operational downtime, typical of from our competitors, to mere minutes.


The RCDT (Radial Channel Disc Tube) 3.0 module system allows for some of the highest water recovery rates in the world, approaching 90% reusability in almost all cases. Constructed of a series of modified palyamide membranes ‘stacked’ with membrane spacers, water passes through a rigorous scrubbing process with maximized filter contact. Solidified with an ultrasonic welding technique, the medium cannot come into contact with compromising materials.


The MBR (Membrane BioReactor), or Memjet, process developed by Rotreat is a parallel solution to water filtration with reverse osmosis, embedding a highly efficient and cost-effective microfiltration membrane into waste flows to treat water. While MBR contains all features typical of a conventional “sludge” filtration process (i.e., trapping waste particles), our solution is compressed for a more compact deployment by making a sedimentation basin unnecessary. Embedded in this process are some clear benefits, such as:
-Saving on space required
-No wash-out of biomass
-No impact of high-volume usage on water quality
-A completely germ-free effluent
We understand that no two customers’ situations are alike, and sometimes you need to “try before you buy” so we developed an MBR Mobile Test Unit for quick deployment and fully-integrated individual operation.
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