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Disinfection: Voigtlaender

Voigtlaender Disinfection Technology

Voigtlaender offers cell membrane electrolysis, capable of purifying nearly every grade of wastewater while facilitating pipe disinfection.
With a focus on hazardous biofilm elimination and eradication of dangerous heavy metals in water, Voigtlaender’s primary value lies in critical small-scale, dynamic applications, such as potable water retention.
Although the units occupy only a few feet of space, they deliver a large and immediate impact.

benefits include

  • No required chemical inputs: Only salt, water, and electricity are required for optimal use.
  • Rapid function: Disinfection time is cut from 24 hours in traditional enterprise solutions to 15 minutes.
  • Cost savings: From water retention savings to material reduction.
  • Easy installations and simple handling.
  • Cloud supervision of unit functions
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