Hydreatio is founded out of a massive transformative purpose: sustainably changing the manner in which water and other environmental systems are treated around the world.

Our Aim as a group - advancing the concept of circular economy & modernizing industry for net zero pollution

SDG 6: Clean Water and sanitation

Clean, available water is the foundation for a functioning society, environment and economy.

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SDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Resource availability, recycling and efficiency are key to industrial sustainability.

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SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy

We believe blue energy as well as green energy to be key components of energy sustainability.

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SDG 13: Climate Action

Without water sustainability, there is no environmental longevity for our planet. We push to sustain that foundation. To sustain the blue.

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The guiding value of Hydreatio

Our overarching guiding value is the principle of the planet as a biosphere - an ecosystem capable of sustaining itself (in our case, with human support). Our products and services aim to support the realization of this idea with modern technology and mindful society. Therefore, we focus on the principles of the UN Sustainability Goals SDG (SDG9, SDG6, SDG7, SDG13) and optimize our business performance with regard to Circularity and Climate Change

Sustainability requires scalable circularity.

Resource management and recycling, as well as efficiency of their use requires a multitude of technologies for each resource. We have decided to build our company around the treatment of the one most vital to planet, people and industry alike - Water. Our aim is to advance the concept of circularity in industry and community, ensuring peak efficiency through consolidation of exceptional technology.

People realize ideas and steer missions towards completion. Which is why we have assembled some of the brightest minds in natural resource focussed consolidation.


Connect with our people

Missions are accomplished by the right people. And our mission is to invest, partner and associate with those who have extensive experience, revolutionary technology and remarkable ideas. Change does not come from average people, but those who are exceptional at what they do.

Our board and experts have many decades of experience and a track record in developing consistent, attractive and resilient business across multiple strategies, geographies and sectors.