Accelerating growth

Recognizing and developing opportunities fast, while mastering risks is the key to maintaining the momentum, thus achieving our ambition while sustaining our profitability. We focus on active ownership, while placing the responsibility for operational decisions in the hands of those closest to the work, since that typically delivers faster, smarter and better executed decisions, while enhancing engagement and accountability at all levels of the holding and its organizations.

Allowing for accelerated, sustainable, de-risked growth accross the board.

Key Water Technologies

In Key Water Technologies we aim to provide what is lacking in the industry: a set of circular models and product sets that can holistically address the challenges of polluted water and lack of water availability at varying sizes and quality, in individual environments, which require resilience and adjustability of structure and processes.

Sustain Technologies

In Sustain Technologies we create value by investing in and developing future oriented sustainability technology leaders across sectors and industries with the purpose to support a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow, water and environment.


Connect with us

Great feats of transformation, changes in the paradigm are neither accomplished by a single person or a single team, nor a single company. But by groups, associations and strategic alliances. True change requires cooperation, specialized integration and accurate communication.

At all times, we are looking to expand our team, portfolio, network and partnerships - in the areas of technology, finance and strategy. If you would like to cooperate with our group in any which way of the above, we would be pleased to explore such opportunities.