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Meet our team

Christoph Schwager, CPA


University of Augsburg & Chicago, Partner @ Ernst & Young, Chief Risk Officer @ Airbus

Michael Fegerl, Dipl. Ing.

Chief Technology Officer

Technical University Graz, RECP Expert @ UNIDO, Lecturer at TU Graz, ISO Auditor

Maurice Schmidt

Chief Innovation Officer

University of Hannover, Infrastructure engineer for Maldives Gov., Team Leader @ Horsepower Hannover

Nick StĂĽbbe

Strategic Director

University of Mannheim, Financial relations for Maldives Gov., Sales Lead @ Gradient0

Clarine Stenfert

Financial Director

Columbia University & EBS, Trade Finance Specialist @ Worldbank, MD @ JP Morgan, MD @ Citi Bank

Dr. Christoph Kuhmann, LL.M.

Legal Director

Columbia University & LMU, Founding Partner Gibson Dunn Germany, Partner Beiten Burkhardt, KKS, Lecturer at TUM